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I work as a freelance writer, photographer, and editor. Since 1996, I’ve lived in LaGrange, Georgia, but grew up in rural Heard County, Georgia. Songs My Father Barely Knew (link to excerpt) is my nonfiction novel-in-progress.

Recent publications include:

For many years, I taught college writing. I have 19 years’ experience workshopping and editing expository nonfiction. When people discover I was once an English professor, every bit of their old teachers’ wrongheaded and unhelpful writing advice comes pouring out. So, now and then, I post something to help these folks recover, and to explain my own creative process.

I also write a lot about flowers, animals, rural places, graveyards, and dilapidated buildings.

Sometimes I write about music—for myself and for other people.

Once in a rare while, I write short fiction.

Most often, though, I write about the smallest moments in life—the moments most people miss, the moments we think aren’t worth noticing.

In case you’re wondering what I sound like…

My current projects also include a couple feature articles, a scholarly research presentation on country music, and (as always) taking better photos. In April 2016, I gave a talk at Arkansas State University’s Delta Symposium on my photos—”Talking with the Ghosts: Representing Cultural Heritage and Matching Text with Image.”

Every couple weeks, I send out a newsletter. Notes from the Happy Kitten Cottage consists mostly of “my writing & photography, my cats, rural places, plants and wild animals, dilapidated buildings, country music, and Lord knows what else.”

Unless otherwise noted, I created every image on this site. To explore my photos, check out these weekly features:

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