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Christmas Day 2018

Camera is at seat-height level, about 18 inches from the rust-and-tan ceramic tile floor with black grout floor. The view leads us down a row of black cane-back chairs with red enamel seats (the customary Waffle House waiting area). The row of chairs extends into the background, where there's also a dark plastic high chair next to the dark gray/silver side of the jukebox. In the foreground and to our left, behind the black steel and glass foyer enclosure, are the lower branches of an artificial holiday/Xmas tree, with spherical ornaments in metallic fuchsia, blue, and green; a cream velvet ribbon with red snowflakes; and a few tiny red, yellow, and white twinkling lights.

“Another Lesser-Known Christmas Vigil”
Waffle House #646
LaGrange, Georgia (2018)

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