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Wednesday Photo: 1/9/19

Sepia-toned closeup photo of a Waffle House logo coffee cup (white ceramic) filled with black coffee. At upper left, the blurry thumb of someone's hand tips a small tub of half-and-half ("creamer") into the black coffee. It makes ripples and swirls on the surface of the coffee, and one last large drop of creamer seems to hover above the coffee surface before it falls in.

“Good to the Last Drop (of Creamer)”
Waffle House #646
LaGrange, Georgia – 2016

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  1. You really need to be sponsored by Waffle House.

  2. I like Hillside Mondays, I think, the most.
    Something I find very comforting about seeing the Hillside posts after the strange and untethered weekends. It’s like “See? Everything is still business as usual!”

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