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Caturday: 2/9/19

Two cats snooze together in a chair: the solid black cat in the background, and the smoky-gray "bull's-eye" tabby in the foreground, heaped atop his older brother. The black cat's eyes are closed, and its ears out to the sides of its head in relaxation. The gray cat squints at the camera, ears turned forward in interest. Both cats show the "toe beans" on one foot; the black cat's toes are dark gray/almost black, while the smoky tabby's toes are a dark pink-gray.

“Two Sleepy Cats with Gray Diamond Jacquard”
LaGrange, Georgia (2016)
Models: Miller (solid black) and Hank (smoky gray “bull’s-eye” tabby)

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  1. Ah, life can be good.

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