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This Is Gonna Be a Good Day


Waffle House #1329
Columbia, Tennessee – 19 September 2015

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Sunday Morning Coming Down


Waffle House #646
LaGrange, Georgia – 19 July 2015

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Hillside Monday: 7/20/15


“If Marvolene Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy”
LaGrange, Georgia – 21 May 2014

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There Stands the Glass


Louisville, Kentucky – 12 June 2015

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Hillside Monday: 3/9/2015


Last weekend, I discovered this handwritten recipe in the depths of a kitchen cabinet, misspellings and all, where it had fallen out of the back of a drawer at least 25 years ago. (I bought the house in June 1999, nearly 16 years ago.) Crumpled and stained beside it lay a mail-in offer for an Angela Lansbury fitness video. I would have sent it in with my $14.95 plus shipping and handling—but it expired on 31 July 1990. Ah, the things you find in a 100-year-old house.

I posted this photo to Instagram on 1 March 2015. Several days later, @dirtypages (“An exhibit at the Nashville Farmers’ Market about women and the recipes that tell their stories”) was kind enough to feature it in their Instagram feed.

“Miss Patty’s Peanut Brittle Recipe”
LaGrange, Georgia – 1 March 2015

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Strunk & White be damned.

2014-09-19 17.25.54-1

My high standards for grammar and usage apply to everything except roadside produce stands. Fruits and vegetables taste much better when the proprietor’s signs disregard established rules for quotation marks and possessive -‘s. True fact.

Wedowee, Alabama – 19 September 2014

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Friday Photo: 6/21/13


Marvolene: Mad as a net hen.

LaGrange, Georgia – 14 May 2013

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 6/12/13


Heard County, Georgia – 31 March 2013

Primitive Citrus #3

Primitive Citrus #3 (Heard County, Georgia - 31 March 2013)

Heard County, Georgia – 31 March 2013

Friday Photo: 4/5/13

Snoozing Hen and Her Chicks (LaGrange, Georgia - 22 June 2010)

LaGrange, Georgia—22 June 2010

Friday Photo: 3/1/13

Bean Leaves #017 (LaGrange, Georgia - 21 June 2012)

LaGrange, Georgia—21 June 2012

Friday Photo: 2/8/13

Tomato Blossoms #014 (LaGrange, Georgia - 21 June 2012)

LaGrange, Georgia—21 June 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 1/9/13

OCD at Waffle House (LaGrange, Georgia - 14 October 2012)

LaGrange, Georgia—14 October 2012

Friday Photo: 12/21/12

LaGrange, Georgia—8 March 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 11/14/12

Heard County, Georgia—10 April 2010

Friday Photo: 10/26/12

LaGrange, Georgia—9 June 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 10/24/12

LaGrange, Georgia—9 June 2012

Friday Photo: 10/19/12

LaGrange, Georgia—3 June 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 10/10/12

Heard County, Georgia—28 May 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 10/3/12

LaGrange, Georgia—1 April 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 9/12/12

LaGrange, Georgia—1 April 2011

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to those of you celebrating today. I hope you’re fortunate enough to have the day off.

In honor of the working people who keep America moving, here’s a classic:

Thanks, Merle!

So many workers make our lives easier, better, possible. Dana Velden of TheKitchn notes the interconnectedness of all our lives, especially when it comes to food:

Consider the people who pay for and maintain roads and stop signs and lights that assure that your onion will arrive safely to the warehouse or the market. And at the market, the people who haul the boxes that your onion is in and the people who pull your onion from the box and place it on display and people who take your money at the register and maybe even the person (getting rarer but still possible) that packs your onion into your reusable tote bag and helps you haul it out to your car. The people who clean and maintain the market, and the people who work at the electrical plant that lights the market and cools the refrigerators, and the people who take the money at the bank so that the manager can pay the electricity bill.

You get the picture, right? That if you were to follow the concentric circles of people and their work out from your beautiful onion sitting on your beautiful cutting board, you will find a vast and complex system of people and their work, seen and unseen, acknowledged and unacknowledged, but without whom your life would be miserable, if not impossible. Innumerable labors bring us our food.

Read the rest of this excellent article here.

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 8/15/12

LaGrange, Georgia—12 June 2012

The Little Peach Tree That Could


I like trees because they seem to be more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.
—Willa Cather

My great-grandfather, whom everyone called Pap, planted this dwarf peach tree in 1942. This was right before his son Charlie Will (my grandfather) had to pass up a second-round draft notice from the New York Giants and accept a first-round draft notice from the U.S. Army.

By the late 1950s, Continue reading

Friday Photo: 7/13/12

Heard County, Georgia—6 June 2010

BBQ After Dark

Country’s Barbecue
Mercury Drive, Columbus, Georgia—29 May 2012

Buttermilk fried chicken fingers, old-style fries, and Brunswick stew with a side of white bread and pickles. Mmmmmm!

Continue reading

Just say “no” to…chicken gizzards?

Graffiti is alive and well, especially in the front window of Church’s Fried Chicken in LaGrange, Georgia.

Evidently, someone doesn’t find cooked-to-order chicken gizzards appetizing. Continue reading

Friday Photo: 5/11/12


A humble yet supremely satisfying meal at Powers' Crossroads Fair (Labor Day Weekend 2010)


My apologies to those of you on a diet, or very hungry right before the lunch hour. This photo turned out so well that I couldn’t resist posting it.

The background and lighting turned out well, despite my not being a food stylist. And yes, this Mt. Carmel UMC fundraiser plate tasted just as good as the picture looks.

Lunch of corn on the cob, boiled potatoes, black-eyed peas, and cornbread (with sweet tea in the upper-right background) at the 40th annual Powers’ Crossroads Festival
Coweta County, Georgia—Labor Day Weekend 2010

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