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Throwback Thursday: 7/10/14


LaGrange, Georgia – Fall 1998
Photo by Kenny Gray

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Throwback Thursday: 6/5/14


My mother and I display the masterful Duck Island Basket quilt she made for my wedding. The marriage did not last; the quilt did. Washed and dried countless times, and now on the cusp of “delicate family heirloom” status, Mom’s gift remains one of my most cherished possessions.

When she could find nothing in bridal shops to suit her tastes, she sewed her own mother-of-the-bride dress by combining three separate patterns.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church – LaGrange, Georgia
26 July 1997

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Photo courtesy of Sophie Adamson Sullivan


Throwback Thursday: 5/8/14


LaGrange, Georgia – July 1991

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Throwback Thursday: 4/10/14


Rock Mills, Alabama – August 1977

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Throwback Thursday: 3/13/14


Of the four years I worked as a professional actor, I spent perhaps two-and-a-half getting passed over for even small parts in smaller productions. Much of that time I found myself in deep despair, wondering whether I had made a mistake in following my creative calling. At the very end, however, I was blessed with some strong, interesting roles.

Chelsea McKinnon, Diane Wagner, and Tal Harris liked what they saw in that sensitive, quirky, yet intense late twenty-something anti-ingenue. These three incredible talents granted me opportunities—and offered me friendship—for which I will be grateful until I draw my last breath.

Photo by Tricia McCannon
Atlanta, Georgia – December 2000

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